Styled scallops on a board
Ribs served by Melbourne stylist
Social gathering around Canapés
Fig and creme fresh canapés
Garnishing pasta with pecorino and served with red wine
Baked tamarillos served with cream
Wine Companion: Party Pairs magazine layout
Roast lamb styled by Sonia Paterson
Baked grape focaccia bread served with a macchiato
Baked berry delight served with Tokay
Sonia's hand reaching for sardines on toast
Spanish fries styled by Sonia Paterson
Watermelon salad
Sonia Paterson serves a mulled wine outside
Wine Companion: Movida magazine layout
Spanish donuts served with cinnamon sugar and chocolate
WIne Companion: Ben O’Donoghue magazine layout
Beef carpaccio served with Hunter Valley semillon
Bake pairs beautifully styled on leaf plates
Wine Companion: Seafood magazine layout
Chinese roast chicken
Kirin beer with dumplings
Freshly home made pasta
Fettuccini with duck ragu served with red wine
Melbourne style fish and chips served with beer
Double baked Spanish ribs and charred corn
Beef burger served with pinot noir
Canapés served in a social scene
Scallops beautifully styled on a board
Roast pork belly with vegetables
Wine Companion: Indian food layout
Indian curry with poppadoms
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